Green Protect

Green Protect labeled bottles are made from recycled plastics.

The aim of Green Protect is to reduce environmental pollution, protect nature, taking care of trees and water.

About plastic:

Plastics are derived from natural materials (petroleum, coal, natural gas and plants) by chemical synthesis, but are no longer recyclable for nature due to biological transformation and they damage it.

This is why we pay great attention to the recycling of plastic.

The plastic recycling process:

The plastics collected are sorted by type in the waste sorter and then compacted. The bales are shredded after being transported to a recycling site and the plastic pieces are cleaned of dirt.

The cleaned plastic pieces are then granulated. The resulting semi-finished product is reused in the manufacture of plastic products and packaging.

How do we protect the earth?

Today, the world's annual paper consumption exceeds 310 million tons and the paper industry uses almost two thousand types of chemicals.

And the increasing use of paper means the increased use of raw materials (wood), energy and water. One ton of paper can be produced using 3 tons of wood while consuming as much energy as an average household in a year.

Although paper is ecologically biodegradable, its production causes far greater damage to nature than recycling plastic because, unlike paper making, recycling plastic does not require cutting down trees that produce oxygen and pollute the life-giving waters.

We are greatly reducing the amount of plastic waste entering the natural environment.

When you buy a product labeled Green Protect, you are helping to purify our land and preserve nature!

Protect wood and water - protect our land!

Green Protect